Heat U.P. Wisconsin: Nominate a Neighbor!

Heat U.P. Wisconsin Condon Total Comfort
May 4, 2016

One of our great joys is being able to help friends and neighbors in our communities stay warm and comfortable in the winter. That's hard to do when your furnace is old and inefficient. As a Lennox Certified Dealer, Condon Total Comfort has teamed up with Lennox's Heat U.P. Wisconsin program to install a brand-new high efficiency furnace for a family in need. The installation day happens on the first Saturday of each October.

"Neighbors helping neighbors." The motto for the Heat U.P Wisconsin program is so appropriate: This program asks you to nominate someone you know who needs a helping hand. Then, local Lennox heating contractors install a new, high-efficiency Lennox furnace for those who are chosen! At first glance, this program seems simple in design: Lennox Industries donates up to 100 furnaces to participating Wisconsin and Michigan Upper Peninsula Lennox dealers. Then, the dealers and their employees donate the installation materials and labor needed to install the furnaces. Behind the scenes, though, you’ll find a network of industry leaders coming together to make this program work! First, we have 3 key ingredients:
  • Lennox Industries, who donates the furnaces.
  • Local Lennox heating contractors, who donate the installation materials and whose employees donate their labor to install the furnaces.
  • People like you, who nominate neighbors in your community!


In 2015, Condon Total Comfort's nominee was Stephanie Burk, a young, single mom and teacher living in Markesan who was nominated by a friend. A recent graduate and new to the classroom, Stephanie was working two jobs and helping to care for her parents, when the furnace in her home needed to be replaced. We were delighted to help this hardworking young mother and our team installed her furnace on October 1, 2015. What a pleasure it was to lift that worry of an aging furnace from her shoulders!


Nominations for this year's Heat U.P. Wisconsin program are made on their website. Whether you're nominating yourself or someone else, telling their story is the key here. The nominations are collected throughout the year, then reviewed by an advisory board of Lennox dealers. Once the nominee is selected—one in each of 12 regions—the Lennox dealer will visit the recipient's home to assess the materials needed. This is the part of the Heat U.P. Wisconsin program that we enjoy the most: meeting the beneficiary!


According to the website, "Submissions are based on a variety of criteria, including physical, mental, or social disabilities; financial challenges; job loss; military service; community service; and more." The new furnace being provided is a forced warm air, 93% AFUE unit fired by either liquid propane or natural gas, according to the site. The furnace will require ductwork be installed or upgraded, which is part of the installation process. It is important to note that the furnace cannot be installed in a mobile home or as an addition to a forced hot water/boiler, wood-fired boiler, or electric baseboard heating system.


Once we receive the information of the winning nominee in our service area and have the initial review and meeting, the first Saturday in October is the day! Condon Total Comfort will join the other participating dealers around the state to install the new Lennox furnace to the nominee in our area. We donate all of the installation materials and our labor. Removal of old furnace and cleanup is always included.

Do you know someone who needs a new furnace but circumstances prevent him or her from purchasing one? We invite you to submit a nomination and we hope to arrive at their door on October with a new high-efficiency furnace to keep warm and cozy all winter long!

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