Comfort Assurance Program


Enroll in our Comfort Assurance Program and receive specially discounted annual check-ups on your heating and cooling systems so you can relax in comfort all year long.

You can enroll in “CAP” today. 
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920-748-5050 or 800-416-4282

Benefits of your CTC Comfort Assurance Program

    1. Peace of mind 
    2. Lower energy costs 
    3. Preferred pricing 
    4. Priority scheduling 
    5. Increased reliability & efficiency 
    6. Emergency service at reduced rates 
    7. Trained experts at your service

Save on valuable annual maintenance for your home heating and cooling systems. Participating also helps protect you against more costly repairs and potential emergency service charges in the future by having a trained CTC technician clean and service your heating & air conditioning equipment regularly.*



This plan is perfect for everyone looking to save money and enjoy peace of mind.

Enrollment is FREE.

Simply sign the CAP Enrollment Form to acknowledge you want to SAVE on provided services.

Annual Assurance Maintenance

Visits will be conveniently scheduled by CTC and confirmed by you. Professional service and cleaning lets you know your HVAC equipment is ready for every season! 

Reduced Rates

Save on scheduled Annual Assurance maintenance. Includes cleaning and basic servicing of your Covered Equipment. This helps to identify problem areas before they interrupt the efficient operation of your equipment. 

Savings on Parts

If repairs are needed, you will receive an automatic 10% savings on the cost to fix the identified equipment issues.

Preferential Scheduling

Priority status for customer requested service and emergency/after-hours visits. 

Priority Emergency/after-hours Service

Annual check-ups greatly reduce the likelihood of sudden equipment failure. As equipment ages, the unexpected may still present itself. If it does, our highly trained CTC technicians will make your call a priority response.


This plan is favorite for those who like to avoid suprises and control repair costs.

Annual or Monthly Pre-payments

Lock in a low, affordable pre-payment based on the age of your equipment. Includes repairs and Annual Assurance Maintenance. 

Repair Parts & Labor Included**

No further charges for routine repairs. Includes filter & up to 2 lbs. of refrigerant.

Service & Diagnostic visit charges Included

No further charges for customer requested service. 

Emergency Service visit charges Included

No further charges for needed after-hours service. 

Highest Priority Scheduling

For customer requested service and for emergency service visits. 

Credit Toward Replacement Equipment RELAX.

If your Covered Equipment requires replacement while your TOTAL COMFORT Plan is actively in place we will credit back the balance of your current Pre-Payment*** toward replacement equipment purchased through and installed by us. 

Includes all the Benefits

Of our Primary CAP Plan with even more savings and protection.

Your benefits under the Primary CAP Plan or the Total Comfort Plan begin after a trained CTC Technician completes your first Annual Assurance maintenance visit to verify that your Covered Equipment qualifies for our Comfort Assurance Program. Once qualified, you may apply your selected program discounts immediately!


920-748-5050 or 800-416-4282

*Most major HVAC manufacturer warranties specify proper seasonal care and maintenance to protect your full warranty rights.

**Large components & replacement units are excluded from parts & labor coverage.

***Credit amount is defined as the pre-paid amount not already applied to your diagnostic, maintenance or repairs during the current annual period.







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