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Heating and cooling your Fond du Lac home doesn't need to break the bank. Making your home more energy efficient doesn't need to, either. At Condon Total Comfort, we're dedicated to keeping your energy costs down by taking a whole-home approach. The good news is that many energy saving upgrades qualify for tax credits and rebates, which help to make improvements affordable. Plus, energy savings can translate into a cozier and more comfortable home for your family.


Our technicians can help you with ventilation upgrades and thermostat installations, both of which are designed to make your home more comfortable, easy to control, and more environmentally-friendly.


Our experienced technicians can also help assess ways to improve indoor air quality, which is very important when family members have allergies or respiratory problems. As a PremierOne dealer, we can recommend the highest-rated HEPA and other filtration systems available to reduce airborne contaminants—including particulates, volatile organic compounds and microorganisms—in your home.

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Condon Total Comfort, Indoor Air Quality, WI

Ensuring that your energy efficient home is also a healthy home is important. When most people think about air pollution, they tend to picture a smoggy city. Indoor air pollution, however, can cause just as many health problems for its occupants as outdoor air pollution.

Condon Total Comfort, Ventilation Upgrades, WI
In modern, tightly-sealed, well-insulated homes, ventilation is an essential part of overall home efficiency and performance. If you're wondering about whether the range hood and bathroom fan provide enough ventilation for your home, the answer is that in most cases, they don't.
Condon Total Comfort Wifi Thermostat Controls
At Condon Total Comfort, we've found that Honeywell's RedLINK(™) wireless controls offer superb controls that can be a simple or as interconnected as our customers desire. Our service technicians, who have trained at Honeywell's Minnesota training center, can set up your home with programmable thermostat systems to control a host of functions and features.

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  • The Community Food Pantry is incredibly blessed to have such a caring and generous community partner in Condon Total Comfort. Thank you so very much for helping the Community Food Pantry out with heating and cooling systems that were way beyond our budget. You are a silent angel, my friends!

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