3 Ways to Increase the Air Quality in Your Home

March 27, 2020

Concerned about what's in the air you are breathing? We have all been spending a little extra time indoors lately, and it's important to the health of your family that your home's air is clean. CTC offers multiple solutions for providing quality indoor air for your home.

  1. UV Germicidal Air Purifier uses high-intensity UVC light to kill or sterilize viruses and bacteria as they pass by. This product is compatible with your existing heating & cooling system.
  2. Polarized Media Air Cleaner acts like a magnet to remove the smallest particles that traditional filters miss, even smoke. It is the most affordable, high-performance product & fits your existing heating and cooling system.
  3. Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing Service provides a video inspection of your home's ductwork. We use an advanced cleaning method to scrub your duct system clean. Plus, we sanitize your ducts with an EPA registered anti-microbial chemical, leaving your home fresh and clean.

Protect what matters most by combining these products and services. Breathe easier for as little as $36/month with approved financing.

Call us now at 920-748-5050 or email info@condontotalcomfort.com For more information visit www.condontotalcomfort.com or www.premieroneproducts.com

*All installed products have a lifetime warranty on electronics.

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