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Building a new custom home or commercial space is an opportunity to design the best possible indoor environment for your family or business and save energy dollars into the future by installing high-efficiency HVAC systems. The options for new construction heating and cooling solutions are increasingly broad. Let Condon Total Comfort help you select the best HVAC system type and design that fits your location, style and budget.


Today's newly-constructed homes and commercial buildings can take advantage of a wealth of advances in HVAC designs and products, including options for high-efficiency furnaces and hydronic systems (modern boilers), heat pumps, and geothermal alternatives. Each system type has distinct advantages and benefits that can be evaluated with your general contractor and architect to design a space that is at once comfortable, beautiful and efficient.

New buildings can be enhanced with efficiency upgrade options that just aren't available in existing ones, mostly because of the costs of a retrofit. For example, many new homeowners are opting for the gentle, even feel of "in-floor" or radiant heat to experience comfort control that is often described as "upscale" or "luxurious" in comparison to traditional forced air systems. The best time to make that inviting decision is during the new construction design phase as it can be much more costly and sometimes prohibitive to retrofit this desirable upgrade after the fact.


Condon Total Comfort's exceptional experience in complete commercial design-build engineering can provide the perfect HVAC solution for a variety of new commercial buildings:

  • Multifamily developments: Condominiums and apartments, senior housing, assisted living residences and other residential complexes

  • Retail properties and shopping malls

  • Franchise restaurants and office spaces

  • Re-purposed historical properties being converted to residential or commercial uses


One essential aspect of our new residential and commercial construction business is the solid professional relationships we value with the contractors and customers with whom we work. Condon Total Comfort is dedicated to consistently providing well-designed, professionally installed HVAC systems at a competitive price and completed on schedule. Working together and closely communicating with our contractor partners is our long term formula for the best possible outcome.

Need an HVAC quote for your new residential or commercial construction project? Please contact us to review your plans and we'll work to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations!

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