Kitchen ventilation begins at the hood.

Venting & Kitchen Hoods

Commercial kitchens are especially challenging environments to condition. The cooking and refrigeration appliances create a great amount of excess heat, fumes, smoke and airborne grease. Plus, the kitchen needs to be a safe and relatively comfortable place for the people preparing the food.


Our Condon Total Comfort team of ventilation pros will assess the equipment, the equipment's heat production, type of cookers, grease production and building structure to design an exhaust hood system that scrubs the air and keeps employees safe. CaptiveAire exhaust hoods, plenums and energy recovery coils can all be configured to maximize your kitchen safety and efficiency. We'll also ensure that make-up air systems are matched to the ventilation and provide the most efficient air exchange. We can specify kitchen range hoods that are designed to vent over cooktop surfaces, fryers or grills to ensure the appropriate vent hood installation for the location.

Fire suppression systems.

Because of the high levels of BTUs in commercial kitchen environments, ensuring fire safety is an essential part of kitchen ventilation design. We work in close communication with your contractor and local inspectors to ensure all ventilation installations meet codes and maintain safe ventilation in the kitchen as well as protect your valuable investment in your essential equipment.

Cleaners & filters remove particulates & gases.

Keeping ventilation equipment cleaned and well-maintained is an important aspect of a commercial kitchen environment. CaptiveAire's fully integrated self-cleaning hoods can provide daily water cleaning to minimize time-consuming clean up and maintenance. Designing your system so that filters are easily accessible for routine service is another detail we keep in mind for you as part of delivering a well-designed kitchen hood and ventilation system.

Exterior venting fans.

Airflow and recovery on the outside of your facility are just as important as interior ventilation and controls. CTC will specify the appropriate exhaust fans and connected ductwork to create an effective, efficient and safe commercial kitchen.

Design & build complete services.

Condon Total Comfort's commercial HVAC team will make sure that every detail of your kitchen hood design is addressed. Our aim is that the installation process and result exceed your expectations for your new commercial kitchen ventilation system.