Check it & relax.

Comfort Assurance Program.

Enroll in our Comfort Assurance Program and receive specially discounted annual check-ups on your heating and cooling systems so you can relax in comfort all year long. No one likes unpleasant surprises, especially when it might mean costly repairs and untimely emergency service to get your heat back on, or your A/C running again. We understand these concerns at CTC, which is why we established our Comfort Assurance Program (CAP).

This program offers you a choice...

of two plans, each ready to help protect your household from “surprises” by scheduling annual check-ups for your heating and cooling systems. Both options provide you with peace of mind all year long and significant savings whenever repairs are needed. Plus, you will gain a verified record of regular maintenance which is often required to fully qualify for protection under a manufacturer’s warranty. Go ahead, select an option for your path to peace of mind and settle back in comfort ⏤ tell CTC, “ Yes, I want to check it and relax!”

Benefits of your Comfort Assurance Program.

Save on valuable annual maintenance for your home heating and cooling systems. Participating helps protect you against more costly repairs and potential emergency service charges in the future by having a trained CTC technician clean and service your heating & air conditioning equipment regularly.

1. Peace of mind.

2. Lower energy costs.

3. Preferred pricing.

4. Priority scheduling.

5. Increased reliability & efficiency.

6. Emergency service at reduced rates.

Protect your warranty ⏤ & your investment.

Why is it important to have regular maintenance performed on your heating and cooling systems like that included in our Comfort Assurance Program plans? Well for starters, did you know that many heating and cooling equipment manufacturers specifically require homeowners to have provided qualified regular maintenance to be eligible for full protection under their normal limited warranty? It is also good to keep in mind that almost all HVAC manufacturer warranties cover PARTS ONLY and expire in 5-10 years, whereas well-maintained equipment statistically has a 15-20 year lifespan. Regular maintenance helps protect your warranty rights and wisely protects the longevity of the investment you make in quality heating and cooling equipment.

Repair or replace?

We all want to be careful with our money. When we have to pay for something, we try to spend wisely on things that give us the best value. When dealing with your home's heating and cooling decisions, nothing compares to protecting the comfort of the ones you love. A well-maintained furnace, boiler or air conditioner can provide many years of trouble-free operation and comfort control for your home. However, we all realize that we are ultimately talking about a piece of equipment, and as age and technology advance, there comes a day to ask if it is time for a "new one."

When the cost of repairs, or your concerns for reliability or energy savings, cause you to consider a new heating or cooling system, let our team of Comfort Advisors help guide you through the options that best suit your home and your budget. Be sure to ask about the 100% financing options Condon Total Comfort can make available to qualifying applicants to help you decide when the time is right to step up to a more energy-efficient furnace, boiler or air conditioner. Contact us any time you are considering a new heating or cooling system. From the introduction to installation; from a service call to satisfaction, at CTC, "your total comfort is our passion."