Heating & cooling comfort control in one highly efficient system.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps

Mini-split heat pumps are a specific type of HVAC unit that uses variable refrigerant (VRF) zoned conditioning that can be either single room units or one central VRF system that is zoned for multiple individual spaces. Mini-splits are air-to-air sourced heat pumps that provide room-by-room zoned improvements for both heating and cooling comfort control in one highly efficient system.

New technology …

has made mini-split heat pumps the upgrade of choice for heating and cooling. The mini-splits we install consist of two components: an exterior heat pump and an attractive interior appliance that controls and distributes conditioned air into the immediate area. The inside unit is a sleek design module that is installed high on an interior wall. The heat pump itself is installed on brackets on an exterior wall. One of the added comforts of using a mini-split system is that the units can be located some distance away from each other for optimal, quiet operation.

Energy savings in all weather.

The mini-split units we install offer impressive energy savings with efficiencies of 100% heating in temperatures to 5 degrees Fahrenheit and excellent heating performance to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. Outside of this range, the unit's efficiency declines modestly, but with normal Wisconsin winter temperatures, mini-splits still provide plenty of energy savings for homes and businesses in Ripon, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, and the surrounding area.


Easy controls at the touch of a button.

Our mini-splits are equipped with multiple easy-to-use features to add efficient operation. The interior units are controlled with a small wireless remote, which allows you to set the temperature, function (heating or cooling), vanes and other options all from the palm of your hand. These air source heat pumps can be pre-set to turn off and on at specific times.


Motion sensing saves money.

Another great technology feature of mini-splits is the infrared sensor integrated into the front of the interior unit. When programmed for this energy saving function, the unit will maintain a slightly lower set point (heating) or higher set point (cooling) until the motion sensor detects movement in the area. When your family members move within range of the sensor, the heat pump turns on to modify the temperature to the desired setting. This smart feature can provide great energy savings for rooms that are used infrequently during the day or late evenings.


Easy-to-clean filters.

These mini-splits feature added air filtration to further control the circulating air quality of the interior space it serves. These reusable filters are easily maintained by turning the indoor unit off, opening the cover and lifting out two small collector screens. These micron level filters can be gently washed off and popped right back into the unit when dry.