Get your Wisconsin home's air conditioning up & running.

Cooling Repair

When the Wisconsin summer turns hot and steamy outside, families, including many from Green Lake and Fond du Lac, rely on their air conditioning systems to be ready to keep them cool. When the AC breaks down, it's vital to get air conditioning repair completed and comfort restored as quickly as possible. It is reassuring to know that your friendly CTC experts can provide AC service and maintenance for all brands and types of cooling systems.


When a service call is needed.

Whether it's a complete cooling breakdown, your AC system is just not performing well, or it is time for a reassuring seasonal check-up, a call to Condon Total Comfort is the first step to getting your home cool and comfortable again. Our customer satisfaction team is trained to help begin troubleshooting problems the minute you call in. Sometimes, we can identify a quick and easy fix for you over the phone and you may not even require a service visit. If a closer look is needed, we will send a certified technician to your home to expertly diagnose the problem, ensure parts availability and make a speedy repair.

Coil & fan repairs, plus refrigerant checks.

We've upgraded our technician's diagnostic equipment so that they can accurately identify fan and coil related problems and make needed repairs to get everything back up and running. Using the latest testing methods, we're also able to conduct on-site refrigerant checks to find hidden system leaks that may be causing a current reduction in performance. These leaks may also threaten a future breakdown if a proactive check-up were not completed to discover it first.

You can depend on CTC technicians and their top EPA certification to safely complete refrigerant related repairs and follow mandated regulations. These important steps not only protect you, your family, and your cooling system, but also wisely protect our valued environment.

AC check-ups help prevent surprises.

Regular scheduled maintenance is a wise step to help to maximize your energy savings by keeping your AC system running at top performance. Many of our customers choose one of our Comfort Assurance Plans to ensure proper seasonal maintenance and protect against costly unexpected repairs. To provide you with confidence that your air conditioning is ready for the hottest summer days, Condon Total Comfort completes a 32-point checklist to test all aspects and parts of your cooling system to ensure proper functioning. It may be helpful to keep in mind that we don't need to wait for warm weather to test your AC units: we can use all-season testing enclosures that can be heated to test thermostats and AC units most any time of year. "Check it and Relax!"