Make you home more energy efficient.

Focus on Energy Rebates

The benefits of energy efficiency are easy to see: Using less energy is a money-saving step that reaps increased rewards over time. Whether it's purchasing a new car with better gas mileage or reducing your natural gas bill, making energy efficient choices can help protect the environment and provide energy savings that really add up. The State of Wisconsin has established the Focus on Energy program to encourage and support residents to make their homes more energy efficient.

Since "your comfort is our mission", Condon Total Comfort will help you identify all available energy savings and incentives when installing qualifying heating or cooling equipment for your home.

It pays to save energy.

We are all aware of how energy conservation can lower our carbon footprint and reduce our negative impact on the environment. Wisconsin recognizes the importance of an energy efficiency focus and has created state-funded incentives for energy efficiency home improvements including installing new more modern furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners.

Streamlining the energy incentive process.

Condon Total Comfort can identify the applicable Focus on Energy rebates and incentives available for your new home HVAC system. Because of our Ally partnership, we can credit your Focus on Energy rebate directly on your invoice so you never have to wait for your savings.

Our customers have told us over and over that they really appreciate that we take an extra step to help them skip the paperwork and receive instant rebates! To this we say, "We are more than glad to help make the process totally comfortable."

What energy efficiency rebates are available?

Focus on Energy offers rebates to Wisconsin residents for a wide range of home improvements based on income and the type of improvement. Rebates are available for a variety of services and products, including:

Are you ready to upgrade your home's energy efficiency? We're happy to talk energy savings with you.