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Heating and cooling manufacturers frequently offer rebates to our customers for installations of new, high-efficiency furnaces, air conditioning units and heat pumps, among other options. We’ve highlighted a few options below, but it’s a great idea to check with your CTC Comfort Specialist to see what rebate offers are currently available.


Our longstanding partnership with Lennox for heating and cooling equipment allows us to offer their best manufacturer rebates twice a year for high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. Recent promotions have offered generous rebates for qualifying home comfort systems that include:

  • High-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump

  • High-efficiency gas furnace or air handler

  • iComfort WiFi thermostat

  • PureAir systems, zoning and/or iComfort S30 thermostat. These popular extras can add hundreds of dollars to your total rebate value


Carrier is one of our most esteemed manufacturers and offers CTC customers rebates and promotions on many of our products, including furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps and other HVAC systems. Carrier “Cool Cash” offers up to $1,600 for heating system and cooling system rebates. When weighing your product options, Check with our knowledgeable service technicians to see if you qualify for a Cool Cash Rebate for your Carrier products.


Manufacturers offer HVAC rebates specific to their product offerings and may change the actual qualifications, amounts and details of their programs from time to time. Be sure to learn what current rebates may apply to your new energy efficient HVAC system installation. It is also beneficial to check out available government programs like Focus on Energy and Federal Tax Incentives. By combining your eligible rebates and incentive programs you may discover that upgrading your heating and cooling systems is well within your “comfort zone”!

Unsure what rebates and incentives might apply to your home’s new heating or cooling system? Just give us a call today to review your options and savings with a one of our Comfort Specialists.

Manufacturer rebates are designed for smart energy savings.

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