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For Dennis and Debra Werch and the CTC family of employees, doing business in the Ripon area is only part of what connects them to the communities they serve. It is also about the opportunities that arise to be helpful to programs that seek to make a positive difference for people living in those communities: our neighbors. Here are a few of the joyful times when being in the HVAC business opened a door for CTC to offer a neighborly hand in central Wisconsin.


The entire area was blessed as this humble ministry of the Ripon Community Church grew into a fully functioning non-profit organization able to pursue its mission to help feed the hungry and provide clothing to those in need throughout the greater Ripon community. Traded Treasures & Community Food Pantry creatively combines cash donations and proceeds from the sale of gently used clothing and furniture to purchase food to distribute to needy area residents. When Condon Total Comfort learned that their food pantry operation needed to expand, they gladly stepped up with a new HVAC system, assuring a comfortable store experience for volunteers and visitors alike. CTC was pleased to donate the needed equipment, and especially appreciative of their caring installation team who kindly volunteered their time and expertise to make it all run smoothly.


As a Premier Lennox Dealer, Condon Total Comfort is proud to participate in the "Heat U.P. Wisconsin" program. This yearly community involvement event allows CTC to install a brand new, high-efficiency furnace into a beneficiary's home. Nominations for each year's Heat U.P. Wisconsin program are made on their website and can be made by anyone who knows of someone in need. Nominations are received throughout the year, and then reviewed by an advisory board of Lennox dealers.

Once a beneficiary is selected from our region including Fond du Lac and Green Lake counties — there is one selected in each of 12 regions— CTC will visit the recipient's home to assess the materials needed and prepare for the Condon Total Comfort team to donate their time to install the new Lennox equipment. We look forward to the first Saturday in October each year, as that is the designated Heat U.P. Wisconsin "Installation Day", and the day we again get to be part of making a difference for someone special.


CTC believes in the importance of recycling, especially when it comes to the loads of expired equipment that is an inherent byproduct of the HVAC business. So when CTC was introduced to the locally based non-profit organization, Dare to Believe, an even greater purpose for recycling emerged. Dare to Believe, Inc., is a "waste nothing," world-focused, Christian ministry that raises funds from recycled materials to help the needy. They work hard to dismantle equipment and separate the scrap metal ultimately used to raise funds for flood victim relief or long-awaited rural schools. Recently, those reclamation steps turned a year's accumulation of waste furnaces and air conditioners into funds for a new orphanage in northern India. Debra Werch speaks from the heart as she shares, "We've been blessed to contribute to a cause where 'wasting nothing' can mean everything to someone in need."


If you have ever visited the CTC office at 11 Blackburn St. in Ripon, you can guess that we have a soft spot for "furry friends." So it is easy for us to want to join those who support the Green Lake Area Animal Shelter as they match cats and dogs with new "furever" homes. We recently featured an Adopt-a-Pet focus at a CTC Open House to help make connections and raise much-needed funds for the shelter and its programs. This local shelter lovingly kennels, feeds, exercises and provides veterinary services for abused and abandoned pets, and has done so for over 12,000 rescued companion animals since being founded in 1993! When the shelter recently faced a heating and cooling "rescue" of their own, Condon Total Comfort was eager to donate some needed HVAC equipment and labor to help keep our four- and two-legged friends in Green Lake comfortable and safe. Purrrrfect.

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